rochelle kelly-apson - senior executive consultant - labor, government, and on political campaigns

Rochelle Kelly-Apson

Senior Vice President - Energy and Economic Development Practice

Rochelle has spent her career working in community organizing, labor, government, and on political campaigns. She has trained union members about their contractual rights and political power. She has held key roles in over a dozen campaigns in Buffalo, NYC, and Long Island, as well as in statewide races. She has held executive positions in the offices of the Town of Hempstead on Long Island as deputy chief of staff, the NYS Attorney General as deputy director of intergovernmental affairs, and the NYS Governor as downstate director of intergovernmental affairs. She has also worked in public affairs, engaging with press and managing digital media campaigns.

During her time in government, Rochelle led the organizing and outreach efforts for several landmark initiatives and issues. These included State legislation to prevent prescription drug abuse, the funding of housing counselors and attorneys as part of the 2008 mortgage crisis relief efforts, the investigations of unarmed civilian deaths by law enforcement, and the review of law enforcement “stop and frisk” practices which highlighted the disparity in stops of minorities in the state. On the local front, Rochelle helped set up the Town of Hempstead’s new administrations, leading them to host their first ever summer job fair guaranteeing town jobs to qualified applicants and the first ever school superintendent summit for the over 30 school districts within the town.

Most recently, as a public affairs consultant, Rochelle worked with a myriad of clients on issues such as school bus safety, housing, labor, gaming, transportation, criminal justice reform and wind energy. She also advised on several election campaigns.

In her private capacity, Rochelle is the public policy chair for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Long Island

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