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Becky A. Brooks

Senior Vice President & Managing Director

Becky A. Brooks brings extensive experience with myriad industries and education to the Colorado office of McBride Consulting & Business Development Group. Over the years, she has served clients in the water, health, medicine, renewable energy, transit, financial M&A, tobacco, and mining industries.

Ms. Brooks has been involved in both the political arena and lobbying in Colorado for over 30 years. Her activities have included extensive involvement in numerous campaigns ranging from governor to the U.S. Senate to more localized races for state representatives and state senate. She was chief lobbyist for the Colorado Education Association for nearly a decade and has been involved in a number of statewide initiatives focusing her talents on public relations and field components of the campaigns.

Becky A. Brooks Senior Vice President & Managing Director

Before moving to Colorado, Becky served in 1984-85 as President of the Texas State Teachers Association with a statewide membership of 92,000 teachers. She also served on the public utilities transition team for Governor Mark White and was appointed a member of the Southern Regional Education Board. In Colorado, Becky served for ten years on the Colorado Foundation for Water Education and is currently serving as the commissioner for CD 1 on the Colorado State Fair Board.

She has a B.A. in English from the University of North Texas and has done graduate work at the University of East Texas.