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Kelley Brooks

Senior Executive Consultant/Lobbyist

Kelley Brooks, currently in her 18th year of lobbying at the General Assembly, is a leader when it comes to dealing with the Department of Revenue, tobacco, and horse racing in Colorado. Her ability to organize and strategize around issues make Kelley a valuable resource to the McBride Consulting & Business Development Group.

Kelley has represented special mobile machinery and salvage vehicles, accruing extensive experience dealing with the Department of Revenue and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Over the years, she has established relationships with a wide range of contacts including elected officials, both grassroots and grass-top position players, and developed a successful rapport with members of the print media.

Kelley Brooks - Senior Executive Consultant and Lobbyist

Earlier in her career, Kelley spent time in radio advertising, and Internet management, and New Car Sales management on the Western Slope. She also was the Field Coordinator for the Western Slope in the 1994 gubernatorial race and in a 2003 initiative campaign.

In her spare time, Kelley races thoroughbred horses and is well known among the various equine organizations and agriculture related groups, both in Colorado and surrounding states. She has a B.A. in Communications and Mass Media from Western State Colorado University.