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Michael Martino

Executive Vice President
Communications & Public Relations

An award-winning Journalist and Communications Executive with an extensive, 20+ years track record of successful innovation in media, public relations, community affairs, and government service, Michael Martino possesses a unique 360° aptitude to deconstruct situations in order to disseminate information clearly and effectively to those who need it.

Michael understands that in today’s world, one in which an avalanche of overwhelming information falls on us with a click, it’s hard for the public to know who or what to trust when it comes to making sense of what’s happening in the world and how it affects us — globally, nationally, and locally. He takes pride in partnering with clients, key government individuals, and the communities in which they work to ensure communication actually happens and helps pave the way toward whatever the goal may be.

He strongly believes that one can’t make progress or have forward momentum without community, both within an organization and without. He saw this first hand while working as the Press Secretary to the Nassau County Executive and providing hands-on help post Super Storm Sandy in 2012. He saw how local government could make a difference in ways large and small and clearly saw how good, effective communication was critical to cleanup and restoration efforts as well as helping the community pull together.

Michael is happy to join his skills to a firm dedicated to being problem solvers — truly listening to its clients, identifying the problem, and then strategizing how to fix, improve, and move forward. Michael’s exceptional people skills and natural talent for identifying strengths, maximizing potential, and anticipating needs will be a great asset to all the clients of the McBride Business & Development Group.

When Michael is not strategizing, writing, or disseminating great information, he may be found playing on his guitar — at home or with a band at an impromptu gig — or perhaps fishing or creatively writing for himself. He’s the happy husband to wife, Angela, and proud father of their 16-years old daughters, Giustina and Julia.