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Our Mission & Vision

We’re driven to work hard, deliver on our promises, and create success for all involved. We’re committed to partnering with business owners, and their teams, and cultivating relationships based on respect and honesty to ensure our partnership solves the problems and successfully meets goals.

We love what we do. We love going to work every day and helping people all over the world improve their businesses and find greater success. Helping people solve their problems and eliminate whatever their roadblocks are so their businesses can reach the next level, or simply improving their day to day business practice, gives us immense satisfaction. Knowing we’re working to bring success and improve lives while we do it, is what keeps us going.

our core values as a business consulting firm and community member

Our Core Values Are Our Foundation

We’re business savvy, but that doesn’t mean we cut corners. These core values inform how we do business, create strategy, and make decisions.

Integrity & Honesty.

We always speak the truth and we work within the letter of the law.


We create a plan of action and go to work. We’re committed to consistently offering high-quality, high-value work for our clients. There are no hidden surprises when you work with us.

Clear Communication.

We know communication is the key to success with our clients. We keep each client abreast every step of the way. The better we do this, the better we can act and react to achieve the clients’ goals.


Once a client has signed on with us, we become partners. If you’re willing to trust and invest in the relationship, we’re driven to honor that trust and do everything we can to deliver the results you want and need.

Concern & Caring.

We are truly concerned for those less fortunate—in business and in life. We’re not saying money isn’t a great thing to have, but it’s not the only thing driving us. We have a history of giving back and consider it a cornerstone of how we do business.

McBride Consulting & Business Development Group gives back to the local community

Giving Back

Caring for others and giving back to one’s community is a philosophy that Robert holds dear. As a child of Irish immigrants, with a father who worked two jobs all his life to provide for his family, he doesn’t take his success for granted. Instead, he feels it important to give back and has a history of doing so over the last 36 years.

Robert has supported with both time and money a variety of charitable organizations, locally and nationally. To name a few: The United Way, American Heart Association, The Leukemia Society, Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, Helen Keller Services, Mineola Lions Club, Operation Healing Forces, Volunteers of America, Education and Assistance Corp (EAC Network), the Salvation Army, and Long Island Association for AIDS Care (LIAAC).

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