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Nancy Engelhardt

Senior Business Development Consultant

A dynamic master planner and facilitator, Nancy has spent almost 20 years providing executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, and workshops and retreats that help organizations align their goals, build meaningful relationships, and develop high performing teams that produce measurable results. Having worked with CEOs and leaders from diverse sectors — healthcare, law firms, union leaders, housing, development, elected officials, and more — Nancy has created a large and robust network of state, regional, and local leaders to affect change where it’s needed.

McBride Consulting

Her personal and professional agenda is, “always for the greater good of the collective whole” and her career reflects this. As the former Executive Director of Leadership Huntington and the Founding Director of The Energeia Partnership, an Academy for Regional Stewardship, Nancy helped bring together influential leaders from various sectors across Long Island to learn about the critical issues facing the region. Under Nancy’s leadership the Energeia program graduated over 400 leaders who enhanced their leadership capacity and are affecting change by serving on over 250 boards and commissions in the region.

A self-avowed servant-leader, she is optimistic while remaining solution-based oriented. Nancy’s big passion is catalyzing influential leaders to be leaders of positive change. She’s proactive, and experienced and skilled at identifying patterns and trends, and bringing together the leaders who can address the opportunities within those patterns—and who will create the needed solutions.

Nancy offers her skill set, vision, ability to effect solutions, and her valuable leadership network to the clients of the McBride Consulting & Business Development Group. She is excited to work with the McBride team and to facilitate a “cross-pollination” of resources, influencers, and leaders to help create efficient and successful solutions for all McBride clients.

Nancy is a dedicated trustee of Long Island, a catalyst for change, and a past and present board member for numerous organizations. She’s been recognized with several awards over the years for her dedication and service. She is most proud of being a recipient of the Athena Long Island Leadership Award given by ATHENA International, a non-profit organization that seeks to support, develop, and honor women leaders.