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Robert McBride

President and CEO

The founder, President and CEO of McBride Consulting and Business Development Group, Robert is a dynamic business strategist who maintains a diverse client portfolio spanning a variety of industries ranging from real estate to construction to transportation and more.  He is sought out by prominent professionals and leading businesses, both nationally and globally, and maintains an exceptional track record for building relationships.

With over 36 years of experience counseling leaders on business development and public policy, Robert is an important resource when it comes to understanding and navigating the inner workings of the governmental and political arenas. His work has resulted in the shaping of public policy in a number of areas including business advocacy, municipal matters, land use, transportation planning, and more.  He’s consulted on a number of complex projects in New York, and throughout the world, ranging from growing a business, to mitigating local, national, and international community opposition to transportation projects, to navigating union matters.

Robert McBride - President - Business Consultant

Bringing Years of Experience to the Consulting & Lobbying Table

A successful entrepreneur, Robert has built a number of profitable businesses. He’s “walked his talk” and brings that experience to all his consulting projects. In addition to his role at McBride Consulting and Business Development Group, he continues to own and manage several enterprises, including Metro Transportation Planning & Solutions Group, a company based in Denver, CO, distinguished for its environmentally friendly fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Mr. McBride resides on Long Island with his wife Marion.


Robert McBride was recognized as a “2010 Influential Leader” by Long Island Business News in its “50 Around 50” awards program. He was also honored with the “Declaration of Independence Award” by Israel Bonds in 2012 (one of the highest honors a lay leader can receive from the organization) and recognized by the Long Island Association for AIDS Care (LIAAC) in 2013.  He was also awarded “Citizen of the Year” by the New York Grand Lodge Foundation Sons of Italy.