Bill Lynch

Vice President/Managing Director New York City

William Lynch III is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in fields such as local and national politics, city government, labor, and media. In addition, he has developed a reputation as a respected contributor for the Huffington Post, focusing on African American culture, inequality, and injustices in the black community.

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With an extensive background in the political arena, William has actively participated in several New York City mayoral campaigns, New York State level political races, and the last three Presidential cycles. In the media space, he has developed and produced community-sensitive press and advertising, which includes working on campaign commercials for candidates like Hillary Clinton, Charles B Rangel, and others. Additionally, he created a political Talk show, “Politics Live,” for Inner City Broadcasting.

William’s experience in labor includes working for DC 37 – AFSCME and working with SEIU Local 1199 for over a decade. While at DC 37, he worked as an organizer, grievance representative, and lead newsletter writer. He also worked at the New York City Council as a liaison between the Speaker and members of the City Council.

Having the ability to navigate the public and private sectors easily, William Lynch III’s diverse background and extensive experience make him an asset.

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