Grants in 5 easy steps!

Tips to fund the development of your next project

-Marcos Maldonado – Communications & Programs and Grant Procurement Director
February 17, 2022

The 5 steps:
Step 1. Know What You Are!
Your eligibility for a specific type of funding opportunity will depend on: Non-profit or for-profit status.

Are you a new organization or company? If so, there may be rules governing your ability to be the “lead applicant” on a grant or RFP application.

Step 2. Know What Is Being Funded
General operating support will fund your organization and the programs and services it already provides to the community.
Program / Services Funding will fund operations closely aligned with grant goals or new initiatives within focus communities.
RFP’s are generally government contracts for goods and services which are being sought by a specific agency within local government.

Step 3. Gather Your Resources
Your organization should have ready access to more than one grant locating service to ensure that you are finding all opportunities available.

Organizations or companies searching for government RFPs should identify opportunities based on trade or service provided
Re-check sites often as grant and RFP opportunities receive updates, and in many cases, a much-needed deadline extension!

Step 4. Find Your Opportunity
Using your grant search websites, look for opportunities with due dates AT LEAST 90 days in advance to allow for proper planning, and to avoid the stress with rushing through an application.

Quality vs. Quantity: Look for opportunities where you can make a compelling case vs. racing to apply for every opportunity you see!

Step 5. Tell Your Story and Submit!
Share your vision by providing an in-depth account of:
– The history and need (the why)
– The community you will serve (the who & where)
– The services you are offering, and the benefits received (the what)
– The resources and budget you need to get it done (the how)


Grants in 5 Easy Steps!

Tips to fund the development of your next project. -Marcos Maldonado – 2022 McBride Consulting & Business Development Group

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