michael shabkie - non-emergency transportation executive consultant

Michael Shabkie

Vice President

Michael Shabkie brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of Non-Emergency Transportation to the McBride Consulting & Business Development group. An entrepreneurial healthcare executive with a 25+ year record of success overseeing all aspects of medical transportation operations, strategic marketing, and business development opportunities for industry-leading organizations, Michael is an asset and proven guide to any organization seeking to expand into non-emergency transportation or to improve their stake in the industry.

Michael was a founder of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC) and he continues to sit on the Board. NEMTAC is a nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to championing standards and best practices for the provision of non-emergency medical transportation, as well as provide accreditation to deserving transportation companies.

His passionate drive to improve access to care shows in his steady work to develop integrated healthcare delivery models between Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), and the facilities they serve. Some of the experience Michael brings to the McBride Group:

  • Creation and implementation of new business and marketing strategies for leading healthcare organizations.
  • Significant experience developing complex governmental RFP responses that led to over $250 Million in awarded business for both clients and employers.
  • Development of exceptional revenue generating initiatives for hospital systems and their emergency departments.
  • Devised effective political and public affairs strategies for leading ambulance organizations.
  • Led intensive operational “turn-around” initiatives in underperforming medical transportation markets.
  • Created “Right Treatment, Right Transportation, Right Destination” NEMT transportation delivery models.

A collaborative leader, Michael thrives on working with a dedicated team and leveraging his experience and expertise to develop innovative solutions and initiatives to help improve the non-emergency transportation industry.

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