Robert McBride

Robert McBride

President & CEO

Robert is a dynamic business and government affairs strategist with decades of experience advising large corporations and small businesses. With a strong background in construction, affordable housing, green energy, and waste management, Robert puts his experiences and network to work representing some of the largest companies in the world.

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Robert currently serves as Founder, President, and CEO of McBride Consulting & Business Development Group where, in addition to representing his clients, he guides the strategic direction of the firm ensuring the firm’s continued commitment to the highest levels of client service, diversity and inclusion, pro bono work, and excellence.

Robert has consulted on several complex projects in New York and around the globe, ranging from growing a business to mitigating local, national, and international opposition to projects, navigating union matters, and advising how to navigate challenges inherent to large-scale projects.

Robert has a proven history of delivering results and driving growth that has resulted in the accumulation of hundreds of millions of new dollars for his clients throughout the years. He has worked with clients at all stages of business development, from start-ups to established multi-billion- dollar corporations. He has a talent for identifying areas of opportunity and developing tailored solutions to address them, whether through process improvements, strategic planning, or legislative initiatives.

A successful entrepreneur, Robert has built several profitable businesses. In addition to his role at McBride Consulting & Business Development Group, he continues to own and manage several enterprises, including Metro Transportation Planning & Solutions Group, a company based in Denver, CO, distinguished for its environmentally friendly Business Model.
Robert resides on Long Island with his wife Marion.

Honors and Affiliations

Robert is consistently voted one of City & State’s Top 50 New York State and New York City Lobbyists. Robert was chosen as a Top Lobbyist by the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics, naming him as one of the Top 100 lobbyists in the United States.

He currently serves on the non-profit Boards of the New York League of Conservation Voters, EAC Network ( Empower. Assist. Care), Irish Americans in Government, and Operation Healing Forces.

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