Government Affairs

Our team provides lobbying services to advocate for businesses whose products or services intersect with local, state, national, or international governments.


We have representation in: NY, DC, CO, FL, TX, VA, MA, RI and Canada as well as strategic partnerships with firms that do business in all 50 states and around the world.

Our track record of providing public-private solutions and out of the box thinking for complex public problems underscores both the success and quality of our relationships with local, city and state government.

Why Work With Us?

We’re driven to produce positive results without sacrificing integrity. We pride ourselves on being selective, and approach any lobbying projects with a high level of honesty and transparency. We’re determined to do our best for our clients’ businesses but are just as determined to do right for any impacted communities. Our deep relationships are based on our record of integrity and delivery. Leaders trust our ability to only engage with quality partners and projects that will improve communities and deliver value. We know the steps to dealing with local, state, and city government, and we can successfully guide you and your business through them and find mutually beneficial solutions.

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