Wendy C. Peters

Grant Coordinator

Wendy is the Founder and CEO of Givers Kreed, a Consultancy for Nonprofit Organizations, providing high-quality, professional intermediary services to small and mid-sized organizations.

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She has three decades of experience in Nonprofit Organization Management, which contributes to her being the powerhouse she is today. As an entrepreneur, the work that she does is based on her life’s principles – “The strong shall bear the weaknesses of those who have no strength, for to whom much is given, much is required.” (Rom 15:1, Luke 12:48) Her mother taught her by example, that a life well lived is a life lived in service to others. She believes it is the duty of all human beings. She is an avid advocate for the underserved and the ‘perceived’ underdog. Her volunteer experience exceeds her professional one by several years. People often comment that they love her energy and spirit, but for her, it is all about her passion for people and the resiliency of the human spirit, which she also learned by example from her “Ma.”

Wendy is known for her work ethic and staunch professionalism. Her mindset is ‘ABOVE ALL, EXCELLENCE ALWAYS!’ Under Givers Kreed, in 2015 she was honored and humbled to have an event she created proclaimed an official day in the borough by then Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. November 29th is now officially ‘BROOKLYN PHILANTHROPY DAY’, honoring the volunteers and philanthropists that are so vital to furthering the missions of nonprofit organizations in Brooklyn.

Wendy is a native Brooklynite, born and raised in her beloved Bed Stuy to immigrant parents. She is the mother of one adult son who is a gifted artist and who has now made her a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy.

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